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Take your teaching and course development skills to the next level and in the process learn from a pro how to earn your DREI (REEA's Distinguished Real Estate Instructor).

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IDW (Instructor Development Workshop)

Marie is codeveloper and a Senior Instructor of the Real Estate Educator Assn. (REEA) IDW. This is a "must take" seminar for any new instructor. Even REEA's highly experienced DREIs regularly take the workshop for a reality check and to bone up on the latest techniques. The course itself is a showcase for how to conduct a seminar, featuring everything from room arrangemen,t to a wide range of teaching methods, to handling problem students. Specific topics include:
Learning Environment: facilities, room arrangement, student mix
Teaching Methods: lecture, group activies, role plays, etc.
Speaking: enunciation, clarity, language to avoid, style
Professionalism: attire, body language, enthusiasm, energy level
Problem Students: talkers, clowns, know-it-alls, intoxicated, combative
Handling Students: shy, quiet, sleepy, drifters, hard to understand
Learning Styles, Retention Levels, Use of Humor, Memory Hooks
Tying It Together, Student Feedback, Course Evaluations

CDW (Course Development Workshop)

Marie is the developer and a Senior Instructor of the REEA's Course Development Workshop. It is designed teach course developers how to put together a fully integrated, well organized seminar that is sure to win regulator approval on the first submission. Specific topics include: