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Spodek has authored, co-authored and been content editor for numerous books and study guides published by Dearborn™ Real Estate Education.

Below are abstracts describing each book or series. Most are designed for use by real estate education poviders and include instructor guides and other resources for the provider.

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  • Sustainable Housing & Building Green:
    What Agents Should Know
    M. Spodek, Deshaies (consultant), 2008

  • Mortgage Fraud & Predatory Lending:
    What Every Agent Should Know
    Spodek and Mayne, 2007

  • Insurance for Consumer Protection:
    What Every Agent Should Know
    Spodek and Warren, 2006

  • Language of Real Estate (2nd Edition)
    Reilly, Spodek (Contributing Editor), 2006

  • Property Management (7th Edition)
    Kyle, Spodek, Baird - 2005

  • Environmental Issues In Your
    Real Estate Practice (2nd Edition)
    M. Spodek & B. Magargal, 2005

  • Manufactured & Modular Housing
    M. Spodek & S. Robinson, 2004

  • Real Estate Basics
    (25 book state-specific series)
    Editorial Project Consultant, 2003/04

  • Real Estate Exam Prep
    (50 book state-specific series)
    Content Consultant, 2001